Travel Mistakes

Whenever you are in foreign country, there are many things you will encounter for the first time and for many of them you will be unprepared. India is a specific country, besides its beauties and long – lasting tradition, there are things you need to pay attention to. You can check out our list of common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bad water – bad health

Many people when visiting India don’t think about water, especially if come from the area where water is healthy and clean. In this case, make sure not to drink a tap water because if you get sick, your holiday will be ruined. You need to make sure that restaurant and bar you visit also follow this rule. If ice cubes, drinks, and vegetables are prepared of washed with bad water, it can seriously damage your health.

Transportation scams

We already heard so many stories about people who got ripped off because of transportation. The rickshaw drivers will offer you ten times bigger price than is. Before you choose to use some transportation, make sure to know the distance and always ask for the rate per km. They won’t offer you a local price, but even if you pay double, it will fit our budget. Also, make sure they give you daytime tariff.

Be prepared for noise

India is noisy, and that’s not something which is new. Its cities are flooded with millions of people every day, just image the crowd gathers at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. That’s everyday routine for Indian cities and their people. You won’t have your personal space, and you better get accustomed to that. Everything is crowded, buses, streets, establishes and they are an extremely loud nation.

Not managing your budget

We see a lot of people posting about budget requirements when visiting India. A lot of them say they can go by with only $10 per day. In many cases, you can, but your trip will be a miserable one. Considering that prices are rising every day, you will need around $20 to have a nice vacation there. Many Indian people when going to a vacation are paying much larger amounts than you are willing to pay.

Picking up the wrong time

The time of the monsoon hits, you better avoid India because your trip will be ruined. You need to understand its changing seasons and climate before you book your vacation. Every part of India has a different climate, so you need to be well informed and prepared.

Don’t try to see everything

It is one of the most common mistakes people make and then end up not seeing anything I particular. There is no point is seeing everything if you can’t experience it. India will be one of the most stressful places you will ever visit, so make a plan and travel slowly. If you don’t take things lightly, in the end, you may start hating India. On the other hand, if India starts wearing you too soon, you can always click here for the official website for Luxury Miami Yacht Rentals and set off to another part of the world.

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